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3 self-development books to read

Personal development is a conscious and continuous quest to develop our skills, build our self-esteem, find balance, cultivate healthy relationships and reach our full potential.

It allows us to know ourselves better, to understand our strengths and weaknesses, and to identify the areas in which we want to improve.

But it is not always easy to find your balance, these readings inspire us to find the right compromise, between living freely and achieving your goals. Here we recommend 3 books for the summer :)


What will you learn in these books?


1.  The Universe has your back, Gabrielle Bernstein

The Universe energy is always available to support and guide us if we open ourselves to it. 

By shifting our mindset, cultivating trust, and letting go of fear and resistance, we can align ourselves with this greater force and experience more peace, abundance, in our lives.

To tap into this universal support, techniques such as meditation, visualization, affirmations, and releasing limiting beliefs are used.

Listening to intuition, and embrace love and gratitude.


2.  Atomic Habits, James Clear

The main intent of "Atomic Habits" is to provide practical strategies and insights for creating and sustaining positive habits. 

The book aims to help readers understand the power of small, incremental changes and how these atomic habits can have a significant impact on personal and professional growth.

Success is not determined by radical overnight transformations, but rather by the consistent implementation of small habits over time. 

The book provides a framework for understanding how habits are formed and how they can be effectively modified. It discusses the importance of habit cues, rewards, and systems for creating lasting behavior change. It also highlights the significance of environment and social influences in shaping our habits.

Through "Atomic Habits," readers are encouraged to focus on making small, manageable changes and leveraging the compounding effect of these habits over time. 

3. The subtle art of not giving a f*ck, Mark Ranson

This book encourages readers to prioritize what truly matters to them and let go of unimportant things, unproductive thoughts, and societal expectations.

The book suggests that by being honest about our limitations and imperfections, we can lead more authentic and fulfilling lives. 

It emphasizes the importance of setting healthy boundaries, choosing values that resonate with us, and investing in meaningful relationships and pursuits. The core message is to let go of external validation, stop sweating the small stuff, and focus on what truly brings joy and purpose.

Overall, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" aims to provide a refreshing perspective on personal development, encouraging readers to let go of societal pressures and live life on their own terms. It promotes a mindset shift towards prioritizing what truly matters and finding happiness and fulfillment in the face of life's challenges.





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