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Self-care by @theminimalistcare

We asked Joséphine from @theminimalistcare what taking care of herself meant to her. In her beautiful world, she showed us different dimensions of self-care for herself.



1. Waking up earlier:

Before, I loved sleeping in and feeling like I had plenty of time to wake up as I pleased. However, the effect of having a too-short morning had a demotivating impact on me. Since I started waking up early, I discovered the power of long mornings (and even days) that are more productive and positive in my mind.



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2. Nurturing my creativity:

I have always loved taking photos and creating setups with things I love, in a universe that resonates with me. That's actually why @theminimalistcare exists! I can spend a whole day imagining a video or a photo, in a specific atmosphere, with certain products. It fascinates me, and a few months ago, I decided to make it my profession.


3. Practicing pilates:
Practicing pilates means feeling every movement in my body and aligning my effort with my breath. I am getting better at mastering this thanks to online classes from The Pilates Class, which I recommend to everyone. There's nothing quite like the lighter state of mind I have after a session—it's a great way to externalize certain emotions.


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4. Working in different places:
When I have a lot of work to do, I enjoy being in an environment that pleases me to take pleasure in doing it. For that, I don't stay in one place, and I go to cafes that inspire me. I've noticed that it often contributes to having a good day!




5. Connecting with nature:

I have lived in Paris, Rome, and now in Montreal. My daily life in the midst of cities has made me realize something essential: I absolutely need to recharge in nature. These are moments that quickly reconnect me with "my reality," which I tend to forget in the midst of tall buildings with limited visible horizons.

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6. Writing daily:

It may be a trendy piece of advice, but writing truly does wonders. I mainly do it to keep a record because time passes by quickly. In fact, I really like this phrase that suggests enjoying the person you are right now because it's probably one of the last times you spend time with them as they are today. Everything is constantly evolving, and rereading it years later allows for reflection on the journey traveled.



7. Eating things I love:

If we're talking about mental health, then I must admit that I regularly indulge in pleasures when I feel the need. I have always had a sweet tooth, and I rarely deny myself things—it's all about balance!


Photo credit @theminimalistcare

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