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2023 Wellness trends that are here to stay

The end of the year is coming, and we are reflecting.

In the world of well-being, each year has its share of innovations, new and old brands, new products.

Awareness of the importance of health, of taking care of oneself, in a daily life driven by stress, only accentuates this phenomenon. And we are delighted.

If it's not the race for innovation and useful or useless inventions, we are still happy to enjoy the fun, the curiosity of trying new things.
But which Wellness trends are here to stay in our routines for the long term?
We deciphered them and wrote this column.



Cosmetics with mushrooms, coffee with adaptogens, food supplements, massage oils... the products are numerous.
These herbs, roots, plants or mushrooms that help the body respond to stress and adapt offer natural solutions for our health. And sometimes greedy.
They have been integrated into our well-being routines for a healthy response to stress.
Adaptogens are likely to be around for a long time, just as ginseng has been present in Chinese medicine for millennia, as have hundreds of other adaptogenic plants.


Belly Health & Belly Massage

Belly Massage

The practice of abdominal massage is gaining popularity in 2023.

This ancient art is being rediscovered for its benefits on digestion, relaxation and stress relief, highlighting the importance of taking care of our stomach for optimal health.
A health that also affects our hair, our skin, our stress, our sleep, and much more.
Take care of your belly in every way you can.

There are masseurs specializing in the stomach, this area is also included in Ayurveda type massages.
And if not, with a gentle self-massage, restore movement and fluidity in your stomach.

We recommend pressing gradually, in circular movements clockwise around the navel.
Continue to breathe deeply, expanding the belly as you inhale and pulling it in (while squeezing the perineum) as you exhale.

If necessary, gently massage each organ while breathing: the stomach, the liver, the large intestine.
Be careful, the stomach is a sensitive area, there is no point in putting too much pressure if it is not bearable.


Sauna infrarouge, massages, bain froid… : 5 adresses pour une récupération  sportive efficace à Paris | GQ France

With or without infrared, the sauna has always been and continues to be a wellness essential, offering health benefits such as detoxification, muscle relaxation and improved circulation.
A study in Finland has even shown in recent months that health and life expectancy increased when people regularly went to the sauna.
Their integration into well-being routines is becoming a common practice, especially thanks to the arrival of players like BelleyMe in Paris who offer accessible and quick slots for a boost.


Work on Energy

T-shirt manches longues Unisex Tone Energy bodies

Energy meditation, visualization and practice of gratitude, manifestation, reiki, Ayurvedic massages, therapeutic massages, Kundalini Yoga...
These holistic techniques aim to balance and optimize the vital energy that circulates in our body, and which can from time to time with daily life be blocked. Which can create physical pain and tension.
Nothing like energy balancing for mental and physical well-being.
Do you know the energy centers in the body? They are explained on the Energy Tee Tone.




Soundbaths are growing in popularity as a method of deep relaxation. Using sound vibrations to calm the mind, this practice is growing in popularity in the quest for mental and emotional well-being.
See our article specifically dedicated to these.

Photo credit Mindful Collective


Cycle syncing

Cycle syncing, or synchronization with the hormonal cycle, is the practice that makes us understand our cycle, observe it and live with it.
Adapting wellness routines based on the phases of the menstrual cycle is recognized as an effective approach to supporting women's health.


Stomach Vacuum 

Echoing belly massage, this breathing technique, which incorporates movement in the deep abdominal muscles, is gaining popularity in the fitness field. This simple but effective technique is integrated into exercise routines to promote a toned abdominal muscles, but also a healthy stomach, because it induces movement in this area which can contract and block everything.

We love the videos of Anais Jazmine, whose Belly Sculpting method has proven itself (the before-and-after photos are stunning, and having tested it, it works.)
Slimane_ss's videos
Youtube tutorials
And soon the Tone tutorials on Youtube.

What do you think?
We would love to read your opinions.

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