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Cycle syncing, or how to live your life fully ?

What is cycle syncing?

It is an approach that involves adapting our lifestyle, diet, and activities based on the different phases of the menstrual cycle.

A person's menstrual cycle has 4 phases.


Phase 1: Menstruation

At the beginning of your cycle (day 1 to...), you have your period. This period is often associated with lower energy levels and symptoms such as cramps and fatigue.


You can favor non-inflammatory foods to avoid adding more trouble to your belly, as well as foods rich in iron, leafy green vegetables, and legumes. Foods high in fiber to reduce bloating and contractions in the stomach. And, of course, stay well-hydrated.


Gentle activities like yoga, stretching, and walking are most suitable to relieve cramps and promote blood circulation. And, most importantly, plenty of rest. This cycle phase is conducive to staying at home, reading, tidying up with music.

Tone tips

Use the power of plants, essential oils, or herbal teas to calm symptoms. For those in need, the brand Ofa Karri offers a roll-on with essential oils to balance hormones and reduce both physical (pain) and mental (mood swings, irritability, sadness) symptoms. They also offer an oil for massaging the stomach and lower back, which soothes pain, tension, and cramps.


Phase 2: Follicular Phase

After your period, your body prepares to release an egg. Your energy levels usually increase, making it a good time for exercise and more demanding projects.


Anything you need to support this crazy energy. Proteins, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains: foods that provide more energy throughout the day for all your activities.


Energy is there, so you can favor dynamic activities like running, dynamic yoga, hot pilates, cycling, and muscle strengthening.

Tone tips

This is the time to write down where you want to go, what you want to do, and work on your wildest dreams and projects.


Phase 3: Ovulation

In the middle of your cycle, you ovulate. Your energy and libido are generally at their peak during this phase.


Foods rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. For example, leafy green vegetables, berries, cereals, nuts, and seeds. Rich in energy.


Anything you love above all. Dance, running, dynamic yoga, hot pilates, cycling, muscle strengthening. Everything is possible.

Tone tips

Keep working on those dreamy projects and enjoy yourself.


Phase 4: Luteal Phase

Just before your period, the body produces more progesterone. This can lead to a decrease in energy and mood swings in some people. It is advisable to focus on self-care and stress management during this period. Premenstrual syndromes can slow you down.


Non-inflammatory, rich in magnesium, vitamin B6, and calcium to relieve PMS symptoms. Reduce salt, caffeine, and sugar to avoid bloating and mood swings.


Soothing activities, yoga, meditation, swimming... Avoid too intense exercises if tired or irritable.

Tone tips

Just like during menstruation, plants and essential oils can help relieve the discomfort this phase may bring.


So what is cycle syncing? It's mostly about listening to your body and, of course, finding your own balance and what works for you.

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