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Mindful Moments, one of the rising Wellness retreats


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What is 'Mindful Moments'?

"Wellness Experiences, connection, and exploration designed to be shared.

A path to spirituality and mindfulness. A dynamic program, meditative practices in the heart of nature. A nurturing cocoon. At the core of a community where the guiding principles are gratitude, simplicity, solidarity, creativity, sharing, and fulfillment.

Embark on a suspended journey through time."


But let's take a closer look at what lies behind this concept; we asked a few questions to Laëtitia, the founder.


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Can you say a few words about yourself?

I am Laëtitia Dallaigre, 28 years old, living in Marseille, and the founder of Mindful Moments. I have always been passionate about travel, adventure, and photography. Expanding my cultural and emotional horizons, stepping out of my comfort zone, constantly learning about oneself—traveling is a lesson in humility.


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How do you encourage community and connection among participants during retreats?

One exercise I love is the Secret Angels. When participants arrive, they draw a name from a jar that they keep secret until the closing circle. The goal is to take care of this person without revealing their identity—small gestures, words, and attentive listening. This creates wonderful connections beyond the retreat.


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Do you have an inspiring anecdote about the positive impact a retreat had on a participant?

So many. One participant who was plagued by anxiety left with a changed and tranquil face. Discussions during the sharing circles unlock so many issues; it's beautiful to witness.

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What advice would you give to someone looking to incorporate wellness practices into their daily life?

Starting with a retreat is a great preview :)  




What is the program for 2024?



Cassis in March is coming soon, we'll revisit Greece in May, Chamonix in July, and the rest is a surprise :)

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Why do you think Mindful Moments can offer a different experience than what one might find in terms of retreats?

A journey with strangers and a profound spiritual experience. You open the door to a dreamlike experience of connection and exploration.


What would you say to someone who is still hesitant to book one?

Now is the time to take the time :)



Thank you, Laetitia.

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