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9 good reflexes for a soothed skin. By Alice Chavanne.

Alice Chavanne is a skin therapist based between the Basque coast and Paris who is passionate about skin and skincare and supports people wanting to know more about their skin and how to take care of it.

We asked her to contribute her expertise to the Tone beauty editorial.

To learn more about her work, visit @alicechavanne_skintherapeute

9 good reflexes for soothed skin.

Our skin, exposed to our environment and the vagaries of our life, sometimes becomes inflamed, irritated or dry. Here are 9 good tips to keep your skin soothed.

1/ CLEANSING - 1x/day. The evening. The skin should feel clean, but it should not feel tight. Otherwise, the cleaning is too aggressive.

Additional Notes: Why Cleanse Your Skin?

- Our skin is continually exposed to various environmental pollutants. These harmful agents alter the skin barrier, unbalance the pH, and leave our skin dull and gray. They also help accelerate the process of premature aging of the skin.

- Throughout the day, our skin accumulates impurities: excess sebum, perspiration, makeup residue, sun filters, and even dirt on our hands that we involuntarily transfer to our face. According to the Regional Health Agency (ARS), we touch our faces up to 3,000 times a day, and our hands are known to be holy nests of bacteria. Imagine an accumulation of these impurities on our skin. The results ? Pores become clogged, leading to skin inflammation and a dull complexion.

- Cleansing the skin promotes the regeneration of skin cells and facilitates the absorption of subsequent treatments.

Advice :

In a large majority of cases, I recommend double cleaning. Especially if you apply sunscreens. A first cleansing with a balm, oil or cleansing milk. Then we finish with a soap or gel adapted to your skin. Reminder, the skin must be clean but must not feel tight.

2/ HYDRATE - 2x/day. With a suitable cream. 20 minutes after application, the skin should be soft and not too sticky.

Additional notes: Why moisturize the skin on your face ?

- Hydration helps maintain an optimal water level in the skin cells, which prevents dehydration.

- Well-hydrated skin appears more supple and younger. A sign of dehydration: when your small fine lines are less visible, after applying a moisturizer.

- Well-hydrated skin will be more resistant to external aggressions (pollution, UV rays, heat, cold, wind).

- Good hydration promotes sebum regulation and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. It reduces dehydration lines and provides a brighter, fresher and more radiant appearance. In short, it’s a Must Do.

3/ PROTECT - from the sun. With an SPF 30 or 50 sunscreen, to be applied between April and October. Reapply the cream every two hours if you are exposed directly to the sun (lunch on the terrace, afternoon outdoors, beach)

Additional notes: why protect skin from the sun

- The sun's UV rays (especially UVA) are responsible for accelerated aging of the skin. Be careful, UVA rays are not the rays that stimulate tanning and even impact dark and black skin. The particularity of UVA, compared to UVB, is that they penetrate deeper into the skin, and thus damage collagen and elastin fibers. These fibers are essential for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin. UVA dehydrates the skin, making it rougher and more reactive. I see it in my clients. From the end of July, their skin is rougher, treatments have more difficulty penetrating and the skin appears duller and looser.

- Between 50 and 70% of skin cancers are directly caused by excessive exposure to UVA/UVB rays. Each year in France, there are 80,000 new cases of carcinomas and 11,200 new cases of melanoma. Melanomas, which represent the most severe form of skin cancer, see their number double every 10 years among white-skinned populations.


4/ MOVE - sweating helps eliminate stress and toxins. Ideal for luminous skin and to avoid waking up in the morning with puffiness.

Additional notes: why protect skin from the sun?

- Sweat, which provides an elimination function thanks to sweat, allows toxins and waste to be evacuated (ammonia, urea, uric acid).


- Moving helps stimulate the lymphatic system, which also plays an essential role in eliminating toxins and waste from the body. Very important when you often have a gray complexion, bags under the eyes or a feeling of swollen face. The lymphatic system does not have a natural "pump" like the heart, and it is therefore important to activate it through physical activity or lymphatic massages.

- Moving helps reduce mental stress and promote good sleep.

5/ RINSE - your skin within 5 minutes after a sports session, a surfing session or swimming (sea and swimming pool). Do not let mineral salts or chlorine dry on the skin. Especially on facial skin.

Additional notes: why rinse your skin right after?

Mineral salts or chlorine, when drying on the skin, will dry out the skin and sensitize it. The results ? Skin that is more sensitive, rougher, more dehydrated and more prone to inflammation.

You don’t have access to showers or a sink? Carry a water bottle or refillable spray bottle with you.

6/ EAT - daily foods rich in Omega 3 and Antioxidants

Additional Notes: Why Eat Foods Rich in Omega 3 and Antioxidants

Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory properties and helps strengthen the skin barrier by promoting the production of essential fatty acids. Very important for all sensitive, irritated, dehydrated skin, prone to rosacea/rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis.

Sources of Omega 3:

Seeds: chia, flax, hemp,
Oils: flax, walnut, rapeseed. Oxidize easily. Store in the fridge, away from light and heat.
Oily fish: salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines

Antioxidants, which act as shields, help neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced by our environment (UV, pollution, stress, smoking, etc.). Free radicals cause extensive damage to tissues and organs, and can modify certain genes. They are strongly responsible for inflammation and aging of the skin.

To counter these free radicals, we help ourselves with antioxidants.

Examples of antioxidants: vitamins A, C and E, polyphenols, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, zinc, manganese, selenium. A balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits is therefore a valuable source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are also beneficial for reducing inflammation (eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis), promoting cell generation and improving skin radiance.

Sources of Antioxidants:

Berries and red fruits: blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries
Artichoke, tomato, spinach, broccoli, kale
Cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cumin

7/ SLEEP - sleep is essential for skin regeneration. There's no point spending money on treatment if you don't get enough sleep.

Additional Notes:

While we sleep, skin cells renew themselves more quickly, which is essential for good health.

A lack of sleep can increase cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and cause inflammation such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. It also leads to sagging skin, dehydration, dull complexion and marked features.

8/ MASSAGE YOURSELF - 3 min per day, gently and consciously. To soften the skin barrier, tone the skin, relax the muscles, promote the penetration of treatments, activate the lymph and the elimination of toxins.

Additional Notes: The Benefits of Facial Massages

1/ They stimulate blood circulation which improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

2/ They help reduce stress and tension accumulated throughout the day, which promotes mental relaxation and reduces expression lines.

3/ They stimulate the lymphatic system, thus promoting the elimination of toxins and waste. The complexion becomes less dull and eczema and acne decrease.

4/ They stimulate the production of collagen, an essential protein for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

5/ They restore suppleness and elasticity to the skin. The skin is softer and plumper.

6/ They improve the absorption of cosmetic treatments.

For those who would like to learn self-massage, quickly and easily, I have created specific online training. 13 short videos, including two complete routines + additional videos to work each area separately and more deeply. Ideal for those who want to be sure of having a quick and effective massage routine.

To find out more =>

9/ DRINK WATER - a classic. To promote cleansing of the body and keep skin healthy and luminous

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