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Zoom bmat-traveller-swatch-cacao-c
Zoom bmat-traveller-swatch-charcoal-1
Zoom bmat-cork-natural-cork-20326-0001_bmat-everyday-cacao-20449-0002_bmat-everyday-ocean-green-20449-0006-bmat-impact-balanced-beige-bmat-traveller-black-20454-0001-arcana23
Zoom b, halfmoon | Traveler Yoga Mat 2mm | 4 colors
Zoom bmat-traveller-swatch-cacao-2
Zoom bmat-traveller-swatch-deep-blue-2
Zoom bmat-traveller-swatch-deep-purple-2
Zoom bmat-traveller-swatch-ocean-green-2
Zoom bmat-traveller-swatch-deep-blue-c
Zoom bmat-traveller-swatch-deep-purple-c
Zoom bmat-traveller-swatch-ocean-green-c
Zoom b, halfmoon | Traveler Yoga Mat 2mm | 4 colors
Zoom b, halfmoon | Traveler Yoga Mat 2mm | 4 colors
Zoom b, halfmoon | Traveler Yoga Mat 2mm | 4 colors

b, halfmoon | Traveler Yoga Mat 2mm | 4 colors

Colour: Ocean Green

The Yoga Travel Mat, you can fold and take anywhere

Find grip, grounding, and movement wherever life takes you. At 2mm thick, this compact and lightweight b, mat was designed for those who love to wanderlust and catch movement wherever they go. With the ability to roll or fold the b, mat traveller allows you to pack up into a bag, or place into your luggage carry-on.

What sets this travel yoga mat apart is the fact that even with its convenient size and weight, it does not compromise on grip and quality.

The most raved about aspect of the b, mat is that it is the grippiest yoga mat out there. 100% rubber is the key to this super grippy yoga mat’s success.

Regardless of your style of movement, the b, mat allows the body to find stability and grounding even as you sweat and shift throughout the class. Embrace the mind’s ability to stay present, when you don't have to worry about slipping.

This rubber composition also makes the b, mat durable so you can move, twist, transition, fly, and flow knowing your mat is maintaining a strong structure along the way.

Find movement and flow confidently wherever you wander.

Complete with:

b, halfmoon | Traveler Yoga Mat 2mm | 4 colors



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