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Zoom So Mush Organic | Café Beauté & Système immunitaire
Zoom So Mush Organic | Café Beauté & Système immunitaire

So Mush Organic | Café Beauté & Système immunitaire


Café Beauté aux adaptogènes | Chaga & Shiitake | Beauty Boost

Remplacez votre café habituel par un café bien-être enrichis aux champignons, juste au bon goût de café.

Teint eclatant
Système immunitaire
Qu'est ce que les adaptogènes?
Les adaptogènes sont des herbes ou des plantes qui aident votre corps à gérer le stress en réduisant ses effets négatifs et en favorisant l'équilibre interne.
15 sachets - 500mg de principes actifs par café.

Ingrédients par sachet Café soluble biologique et équitable (3.5g), extrait biologique de Shiitake (250mg), extrait biologique de Chaga (250mg). Substances actives : Polysaccharides, caféine.

Shiitake : Un champignon médicinal puissant reconnu pour son action sur le système immunitaire et son pouvoir anti-âge.

Chaga : La plus grande source naturelle d’antioxydants au monde, le Chaga est principalement utilisé pour booster le système immunitaire, combattre les inflammations et les signes du vieillissement.  
Mélangez le contenu du sachet dans ~170ml d’eau chaude. Tous les cafés So Mush peuvent se combiner parfaitement.
So Mush recommande 1 à 2 cafés par jour (équivalent de 500mg à 1000mg d'extraits). 
100% Naturel & bio
Sans OGM
Sans additifs, colorants ni conservateurs
Made in France

Food supplements are not always suitable for breastfeeding people, children or people with a specific medical condition. Consult your medical expert before taking food supplements.

So Mush Organic | Café Beauté & Système immunitaire


Your questions about So Mush Organic

Is it the same taste as regular coffee?

Yes, you won't notice the difference with your usual coffee. We use organic, fair trade coffee from Tanzania which combines perfectly with our adaptogens.

How many coffees per day? Can the different coffees be combined?

All of our coffees can be combined perfectly. We recommend 1 to 2 coffees per day to benefit from their strengths.

What is the ideal duration of a cure?

We recommend consuming our products for a minimum period of 14 days to feel all the benefits. Adaptogen coffees can also be consumed every day and throughout the year.

Are there any contraindications?

We do not recommend taking our products if you are breastfeeding or pregnant without prior consultation with a health professional, in the case of heart problems. 

There is no presence of allergens in our products even if reactions Individual allergies are always possible when consuming a new ingredient. If you have any concerns, please consult your healthcare professional to assess your sensitivity to our ingredients and benefit from their benefits.

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So Mush Organic

A new way to take care of yourself and take food supplements. So Mush Organic uses the power of adaptogenic mushrooms, these mushrooms which act against oxidative stress, and help the body find balance.

So Mush Organic

100% natural and organic

Clean & responsible formulations All ingredients are 100% natural and organic, without pesticides, chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavors, to guarantee total transparency and readability on the quality of our ingredients.


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