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Zoom b, Halfmoon | Lithotherapy | Palm crystal
Zoom b, Halfmoon | Lithotherapy | Palm crystal
Zoom b, Halfmoon | Lithotherapy | Palm crystal
Zoom b, Halfmoon | Lithotherapy | Palm crystal
Zoom b, Halfmoon | Lithotherapy | Palm crystal
Zoom b, Halfmoon | Lithotherapy | Palm crystal
Zoom b, Halfmoon | Lithotherapy | Palm crystal
Zoom b, Halfmoon | Lithotherapy | Palm crystal

b, Halfmoon | Lithotherapy | Palm crystal

Type of stone

What is lithotherapy?

It is a technique that uses the properties of stones and crystals with the aim of providing care.

Crystals cut for the palm of your hand, to hold during your meditation, breathing exercises, meetings, or other daily activities that require the support of stones.

Discover, according to tradition, the meaning of each stone:



- Calm the mind: Amethyst is often used to promote meditation, peace of mind, and stress reduction.

- Improve sleep: It is said to help combat insomnia and nightmares.

- Balance emotions: It can help soothe strong emotions and promote emotional stability.


Green Aventurine:

Luck and prosperity: Green aventurine is associated with luck, prosperity, and financial success.

Emotional harmony: It is believed to promote emotional harmony and help overcome stress.

Personal growth: It is said to support personal growth and self-confidence.


Lapis Lazuli:

Wisdom and communication: Lapis lazuli is renowned for improving communication, promoting wisdom, and stimulating intellect.

Mental clarity: It is said to help clarify thoughts and eliminate mental blockages.

Spiritual protection: It is often used for its ability to protect against negative energies.


Clear Quartz:

Amplification of energies: Clear quartz is considered an energy amplifier, whether for positive intentions or meditation.

Purification: It is used for purification and mental clarity.

Harmonization: Clear quartz can help balance chakras and align the body's energies.



Energetic protection: Tourmaline is reputed to repel negative energies and harmful influences.

Emotional balance: It is said to help balance emotions and reduce stress.

Grounding: Tourmaline is used to promote grounding and stability.


Smoky Quartz:

Protection and grounding: Smoky quartz is often associated with protection against negative energies and grounding.

Transmutation of energies: It is used to transmute negative energies into positive energies.

Mental clarity: It is said to promote mental clarity and decision-making.



Purification: Selenite is often used to purify the energy of people and environments.

Mental clarity: It promotes mental clarity and concentration.

Communication with the divine: It is said to facilitate spiritual communication and access to divine wisdom.

Complete with:

b, Halfmoon | Lithotherapy | Palm crystal



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